Research and Innovation prize from Université de Sherbrooke awarded to Prof. Sarret and colleagues

The Research and Innovation prizes of Université de Sherbrooke aim to highlight a scientific discovery or a significant creative production published in the year.  The Université has chosen this year to honor professor Sarret and his colleagues for their work resulting in the development of new pain-relieving drugs.   

The current drugs, such as morphine, have undesirable side effects and 70% of chronic pain sufferers are not efficiently relieved by these prescribed analgesics.  The studies by the teams of professors Philippe Sarret, Éric Marsault and Richard Leduc, from the Faculty of Medicine and health sciences, in close collaboration with industrial partner Angiochem, has allowed the development of a new class of analgesics.  Their pain relief action, which is stronger than that of current analgesics, has been shown in many preclinical models of pain measurement, including acute pain, post-operatory pain and cancer pain. (excerpt from the official announcement by Université de Sherbrooke)

Learn more about this important prize on the Université de Sherbrooke website (in french).

Read the scientific publication published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation